Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash

  • Soft orthopedic foam base and over-stuffed bolster for security and comfort

  • MET safety listed heater uses only 4 watts (small) or 7 watts (large) and is removable for use year-round

  • Bed is completely machine washable for easy cleaning

  • Thermostatically controlled to warm to your pet's normal body temperature when in use

  • MET Listed - This product exceeds USA & Canadian electrical safety standards

  • Recommended for indoor use

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Some cool cats are just too hip for a regular bed. That’s why we’ve introduced the Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash™! Now available in two sizes, the new 16” x 22” larger size can accommodate 2 kitties! With our incredibly energy efficient heaters, these beds are sure to please. They’re the hottest thing going! These beds have an orthopedic foam base surrounded by an overstuffed polyfil bolster and are machine washable. MET listed. One year limited warranty.


Additional Info

Item #
  • 3601 – Mocha - Small
  • 3606 – Blue - Small
  • 3631 – Mocha - Large
  • 3635 – Blue - Large
Printable UPC No
Unit UPC
  • 3601 – Mocha – 655199036011
  • 3606 – Blue – 655199036066
  • 3631 – Mocha – 655199036318
  • 3635 – Blue – 655199036356
Case UPC
  • 3601 – Mocha – 655199136018
  • 3606 – Blue – 655199136063
  • 3631 – Mocha – 655199136315
  • 3635 – Blue – 655199136353
Cord Length 5.5 ft.

4 watts - Small

7 watts - Large

Safety Listing MET

18" Diameter - Small

16" L x 22" W x 2" H - Large

Sleeping Surface Dimensions

12" Diameter - Small

16" L x 22" W - Large

Item Weight 2.7 lbs.
Shipping Package Stock Box
Shipping Package Dimensions 14" x 14" x 5" - Small
Case Pack Qty 6
Case Pack Dimensions

16" x 16" x 7.5" - Small

22" x 17" x 12" - Large

Case Pack Weight 18 lbs.
Warranty 1 Year

Care & Instructions

Washing Icon

Washing Instructions

Unplug and remove the internal Pet Bed Warmer. Wash on the gentle cycle with cold water. Line dry or use the no-heat cycle on your dryer.

Testing Your Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash

You can test the bed by placing a large pillow on top of it. After about 20 minutes, feel under the pillow. It will feel warm, not hot. DO NOT use an extension cord during this test.

The surface of the bed will be about 15°F above ambient air temperature until the pet lies on the bed. Then it will warm to about 102°F, which is the natural body temperature of dogs and cats.

Product Q&A

General Questions about Indoor Heated Beds

How long is the cord?

The cord is 5.5 feet long.

What temperature will this bed reach?

The surface of the bed will be about 15°F above ambient air temperature until the pet lies on the bed. Then it will warm to about 102°F, which is the natural body temperature of dogs and cats.

Are your heated beds and pads pressure sensitive?

Our beds and pads are NOT pressure sensitive. All K&H heated beds and pads feature dual thermostats and are designed to warm to your pet's normal body temperature when he/she lies on the pad. This is a function of the insulation provided by a pet’s body, not the weight of the pet.

K&H beds and pads will emit heat anytime they are plugged in so your pet can sense that heat and be drawn to the bed or pad for warmth and comfort. When your pet is not on the pad, the heat will dissipate into the air and the surface temperature will vary according to the ambient air temperature.

Can I use an extension cord with this product?

MET requires that all manufacturers put the extension cord statement “Do not use with extension cord” on every item that is MET listed by UL 499 standards. This is because they cannot test every extension cord on the market in conjunction with our products for safety. Also, MET suggests that an extension cord is not recommended as a permanent fixture and should only be a temporary solution when using any electrical product.

Temporary use of a UL listed cord is fine, but consult your electrician for the proper cord for your application. For more information on MET safety testing, please visit their website at

How long can a heated bed or pad be plugged in?

MET Safety Laboratories suggests unplugging the bed if you leave your home on an extended vacation, as they do with any electrical appliance. Otherwise, it is designed for 24/7 operation and you can leave it plugged in all day. This item has been certified by MET labs to adhere to strict electrical safety standards. For more information, please visit

Is there an off/on switch?

There is not an off/on switch. The pad is always on when plugged in.

For a garage, would you advise an indoor or outdoor heated product?

For a garage, we recommend an outdoor heated product. They have the features necessary to ensure your pet stays warm in even the coldest of temperatures.