Classy Go Soft Crate

  • Great for home or travel

  • Simple assembly

  • Patented design is strong & sturdy

  • Zipper pull lock

  • Storage bag included

  • 1 year warranty




Perfect for home use or travel, the Classy Go™ Soft Crate assembles in a breeze. The patented design is strong, sturdy, attractive and versatile. A zipper pull lock is included to prevent a pet from opening the doors. A matching storage bag is included with every Classy Go™ Soft Crate. One year limited warranty.


Additional Info

Item #
  • 1460 – Small
  • 1461 – Medium (Discontinued)
  • 1462 – Large (Discontinued)
  • 1463 – X-Large
  • Small – 24" L x 18" W x 17" H
  • Medium – 30" L x 20" W x 19" H
  • Large – 36" L x 24" W x 23" H
  • X-Large – 42" L x 28" W x 27" H
Sleeping Surface Dimensions
  • Small – 23" L x 17" W
  • Medium – 29" L x 19" W
  • Large – 35" L x 23" W
  • X-Large – 41" L x 27" W
Item Weight
  • Small – 10 lbs.
  • Medium – 12 lbs.
  • Large – 15 lbs.
  • X-Large – 18 lbs.
Shipping Package Stock Box
Case Pack Qty 1
Printable UPC No
Unit UPC
  • 1460 – Small – 655199014606
  • 1461 – Medium – 655199014613
  • 1462 – Large – 655199014620
  • 1463 – X-Large – 655199014637
Case UPC
  • 1460 – Small – 655199114603
  • 1461 – Medium – 655199114610
  • 1462 – Large – 655199114627
  • 1463 – X-Large – 655199114634
Warranty 1 Year

Care & Instructions

Assembly Tips

  • Locate the rear side of the carrier by finding the short side that does not have a door.
  • Each of the short sides has an adjustable tension bar. Since it’s easier to see what you’re doing with the front bar, we recommend inserting the rear tension bar first. After inserting the rear tension bar, do not tighten it.
  • Then, insert the front tension bar but do not tighten it yet either.
  • The rear tension bar requires less tightening action and should be tightened first.
  • Finally, tighten the front tension bar until you have achieved a snug fit.
Washing Icon

Washing Instructions

The outer cover should be spot cleaned whenever possible. If it needs to be machine washed, please use a front loading washing machine. Wash on the gentle cycle with cold water, then line dry.

To wash the sleeping pad, unzip and remove the cover. Wash the cover on the gentle cycle with cold water, then line dry.

Please do not use the dryer for either item. Line dry them only.


Product Q&A

Product-Specific Questions

What is the purpose of the elastic strap and the metal hole beneath it? A water dispenser? If so, where do I get one?

Yes, these are for a water bottle. Here’s one that fits great: LIXIT Water Bottle.

Does the Classy Go Soft Crate have a zippered opening in front and on the side?

Yes, there are zippered openings on the front and the side.

Does the frame come out completely?

If you would like to remove the frame, yes it comes out completely.

Does this soft crate attach to the vehicle?

The K&H Classy Go Soft Crate is not a safety device or safety restraint. This is a containment device designed to contain your pet, as most crates do. The item is freestanding and does not attach to the vehicle.

If you are looking for a safety carrier, we recommend the Travel Safety Carrier, which is held in place using a seat belt.